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A water-activated LED lighting up champagne cup is a special type of cup that is designed to light up when it comes in contact with water. These cups usually have LED lights at the bottom or along the sides, and they are powered by batteries.

When the cup is filled with liquid, such as champagne or water, the LED lights are triggered and start to emit a colorful glow. The lights can change colors, fade in and out, or even flash, creating a visually stunning effect.

Water-activated LED champagne cups are commonly used for parties, celebrations, or special events to add an element of excitement and visual appeal to the drink. They can create an enchanting ambiance and make the beverage stand out.

It's important to note that these cups are primarily for decorative purposes and are not meant to be submerged in water or washed in a dishwasher. They should be hand-washed carefully, avoiding the part with the LED lights.

Overall, water-activated LED lighting up champagne cups are a fun and unique way to enhance the drinking experience and create a memorable atmosphere for any occasion.

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Post time: Oct-30-2023