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Led light stick is great for parties and concerts and also it is often used at sporting events to show team support.It is made with ABS handle+PS ball+acrylic sheet,any design can be customized on acrylic sheet by 3D laser or silk-printing.

Light sticks can be controlled by switches or remote controls.
Regional control: The entire venue can be divided into 1-8 areas, with one remote controller, which can control the entire venue or control the lighting in different areas
Flashing mode:Up to 15 flicker modes such as slow flash, fast flash, constant light, rainbow, etc, Led color control:15 led colors free switching, colorful, hey turn the whole scene.

发光棒 (8)

on the other hand, it is very popular in Japan and South Korea, where fans use them to cheer on their favorite idol groups.through professional mold opening and small batch customization of logos and designs, merchants can use this popularity to promote their own brands.

Not only light sticks provide a fun and festive atmosphere, but they can also be customized to promote a business or event. Through professional mold making and small batch customization, businesses can make personalized light sticks with their logos and designs.Fans use them to show support for their team and can customize team logos and colors. Small businesses can take advantage of this by offering custom cheer sticks to local teams, boosting team spirit and boosting sales. Small businesses can enter this market by providing fans with customized idol sticks, and through professional mold opening, they can produce high-quality sticks that meet the needs of this market.


Zhongda mold company that specializes in custom light sticks for many years.low-cost custom plastic mold that allow customers to easily create their own semi-finished or finished products. supported low-volume customization of logos and designs, allowing even small businesses to take advantage of their products.All in all, light sticks are a very fun and versatile way to add some excitement to any event or activity.

Post time: Apr-17-2023