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A LED message fan is a type of fan that has built-in LED lights and the ability to display messages or patterns through those lights. These fans typically have a series of LED lights arranged in a circular or semi-circular pattern on the fan blades or the fan housing. By controlling the LEDs individually, the fan can display different messages, patterns, or even simple animations when it spins.

Led message fan

LED customized message fans are often used for promotional purposes, advertising, or simply for fun. They can be programmed to display custom messages, logos, or designs, allowing users to personalize their fan's display. Some LED message fans also come with pre-programmed patterns or messages that can be selected using buttons or remote controls.

To use a programmable led message handheld fan , you typically need to provide power to the fan using batteries or a USB connection. Made in plastic material, eco-friendly and non-toxic, comply with international standard.

There is a switch at the handle,easily operation. Product can print logo and custom message and color what you need. This led message fan can display 1-6 different group messages, each message can contain up to 20 characters. It could be customer company’s name, telephone, words and slogans, etc. It can display many languages: Chinese,English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, etc. 6. This mini message fan is suitable for new product launched, promotional campaign, events, fair, trade show, brand logo, advertising promotion gift, Giveaway, Exhibition gift, Branding, Valentines Gift, Concert, Party item.

Post time: Nov-02-2023