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At a large-scale concert, fans often pick up the glow sticks in their hands and cheer for their idols with flashing lights. This is not only a kind of support and encouragement, but also a way of artistic expression and communication, so that the idol can feel the love and support of the audience on the stage.

As an important prop for concert support, light sticks have become more mature and refined after years of development. Today's glow sticks can not only emit light, but also change colors and patterns. Whether in the venue or outdoors, the bright colors of the glow sticks can bring an unforgettable experience to the audience and idols.

The application of glow sticks is not limited to concerts, it can also be used in various occasions, such as for various commercial promotion activities and celebrations. Whatever the occasion, glow sticks are effective at attracting attention and sparking enthusiasm.

In short, the glow stick is a good prop to maintain the atmosphere of the stage and communicate the sound inside and outside the stage. It is an excellent way to support your idol. We need to put it to good use and make it one of the highlights of concerts and other events.

However do you know how to customized light stick?

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If you want to customize a concert glow stick, you can consider the following steps:

1. Choose the type of glow stick: There are usually two types of glow sticks, one is a single-color glow stick, and the other is a multi-color glow stick. Monochromatic light sticks can only emit light of one color, while multi-color light sticks can change multiple colors. You can choose the type according to your needs.

2. Select the glow stick color: If you choose a single color glow stick, you need to choose the desired color. If you choose a multi-color glow stick, you need to choose the desired light effect mode.

3. Customize the appearance of the light stick: You can print your favorite text, pictures, idol's name or logo and various other patterns on the light stick.

4.Small quantity is supported to you customized your design or logo.

Custom concert led glow sticks take some time and effort, but once made, will add more atmosphere and color to the concert. If you are willing to spend these energy and expenses, you can offer your best support to your idol at the concert.

Post time: May-08-2023